The Wacky half hour occurs randomly during a day or late at night on Disney XD and follows this pattern:

  • Wipoue Moments on Disney
  • Disney XD Shortstop: Marvo The Amazing Chicken
  • Disney XD Shortstop: Suckers
  • Disney XD Shortstop: Team Smithereen
  • Zeke and Luther's Summer Dash for Cash
  • Jimmy Two Shoes/Kid vs. Kat/Phineas and Ferb/Kick Buttowski


Show Episode Time slot
Wipeout Moments on Disney XD Arthur Sevick 12:30-12:34am
Disney XD ShortStop

Marvo the Wonder Chicken (and Henry):

Bungee Jump Blues





Team Smithereen:

Stunt Lab 1

Zeke and Luther's Summer Dash for Cash Hot Chilil Pie 12:42-12:45am
Jimmy Two Shoes There will be Chocolate 12:45-1:00am

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