"Rollercoaster" (Phineas and Ferb episode)"The House Of The Lucky Gander!""The Impossible Summit Of Mt. Neverrest!"
"The Infernal Internship Of Mark Beaks!""The Living Mummies Of Toth-Ra!""Wierd Al" Yankovic
A Victim of GravityAaron StoneAdam Hicks
American Dragon: Jake LongAnimaniacsAsh Tyler
Atomic PuppetAvengers AssembleBailey Pickett
BaljeetBeyblade BurstBig City Greens
Big Hero 6 (TV series)Billy Dilley's Super-Duper Subterranean SummerBlack Widow
BonkersBrad ButtowskiBrady Parker
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Captain AmericaCarey MartinCaribbean Sea
Carl KarlCarnageCharlie Landers
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List of Disney XD showsList of I'm in the Band episodesList of Jimmy Two-Shoes Episodes
List of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil EpisodesList of Kick Buttowski EpisodesList of Kickin' It episodes
List of Kid vs. Kat charactersList of Kid vs. Kat episodesList of Kirby Buckets Episodes
List of Lab Rats episodesList of Mr. Young episodesList of Pair of Kings episodes
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File:"A Tale of Two Stans" Gravity Falls Episode Reaction & Impressions!File:"Not What He Seems" Gravity Falls Episode Reaction Thoughts!File:.028 Gark & Zachary.png
File:.028 Gark & Zachary 28 24 25 22 20.JPGFile:.028 Kat & Zachary.jpgFile:.028 Kat & Zachary 28.jpg
File:.028 Kat & Zachary 28 24.jpgFile:.028 Kat & Zachary 28 24 25.jpgFile:.028 Kat & Zachary 28 24 25 22.JPG
File:.028 Kat & Zachary 28 24 25 22 20.jpgFile:.028 Kat & Zachary 28 24 28 25 20 22.JPGFile:.028 Kat & Zachary 28 24 28 25 22 20.jpg
File:.028 Max & Zachary 28 24 25 22 20.jpgFile:.028 Max & Zachary 28 24 28 25 20 22.jpgFile:.028 Max & Zachary 28 24 28 25 22 20.jpg
File:.028 Max Gark & Zachary.jpgFile:.028 Max Gark & Zachary 28.jpgFile:.028 Max Gark & Zachary 28 24.jpg
File:.028 Max Gark & Zachary 28 24 25.pngFile:.028 Max Gark & Zachary 28 24 25 20 22.JPGFile:.028 Max Gark & Zachary 28 24 25 22.jpg
File:.028 Max Gark & Zachary 28 24 25 22 20.jpgFile:.028 Max Gark & Zachary 28 24 25 22 20 25.jpgFile:.028 Max Gark & Zachary 28 24 25 28 20 22.jpg
File:.028 Max Gark & Zachary 28 24 28 20.jpgFile:.028 Max Gark & Zachary 28 24 28 22.jpgFile:.028 Max Gark & Zachary 28 24 28 24.PNG
File:.028 Max Gark & Zachary 28 24 28 24.jpgFile:.028 Max Gark & Zachary 28 24 28 24 25 20 22 25.jpgFile:.028 Max Gark & Zachary 28 24 28 25.PNG
File:.028 Max Gark & Zachary 28 24 28 25.jpgFile:.028 Max Gark & Zachary 28 24 28 25 20 22.jpgFile:.028 Max Gark & Zachary 28 24 28 25 22 20.jpg
File:.028 Max Gark & Zachary 28 28 24 24 25 25 22 22 20 20.jpgFile:1.jpgFile:100px-Ferb Fletcher.png
File:1016819-13622201.jpgFile:110px-Ferb Fletcher.pngFile:125px-Ferb Fletcher 11.png
File:130px-A2SD poster.jpgFile:130px-Doof mocking Perry.pngFile:130px-Ferb Fletcher3.png
File:141px-Images (6).jpgFile:175892334.jpgFile:175892335.jpg
File:180-PFdesign.jpgFile:180-Perry trapped.jpgFile:180px-Aaah-aaah-aaah-aaah (1).jpg
File:180px-Candace and Linda discuss the rollercoaster.jpgFile:180px-Heinz Doofenshmirtz.pngFile:180px-Lion's roar.jpg
File:180px-Phineas Flynn.pngFile:180px-Rollercoaster promotional image.pngFile:180px-The first load.jpg
File:200px-Bowling For Soup animated.pngFile:200px-Kick.pngFile:200px-No Screenshot 2.png
File:200px-PF under a tree.pngFile:200px-Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension official poster.jpgFile:200px-Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation! title card with credits.png
File:212px-Daniel-curtis-lee-1-sized.jpgFile:212px-P and F Logo.jpgFile:212px-Zack and cody disney.jpg
File:220px-Jason Earles 2010.jpgFile:220px-Replace this image male.svg.pngFile:220px-RyanNewmanApr09.jpg
File:220px-Tyrel Jackson Williams 2013.jpgFile:225px-Disney Kickin' It.pngFile:22px-Flag of Argentina.svg.png
File:22px-Flag of Canada.svg.pngFile:22px-Flag of Guatemala.svg.pngFile:22px-Flag of Honduras.svg.png
File:22px-Flag of Mexico.svg.pngFile:22px-Flag of Peru.svg.pngFile:22px-Flag of the Netherlands.svg.png
File:22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.pngFile:22px-Flag of the United States.svg.pngFile:2304104448 6657a0d01a.jpg
File:250px-Disney Kickin' it.pngFile:250px-I'mInTheBandcast.jpgFile:250px-Luther.jpg
File:250px-Zeke&LutherCast.jpgFile:270px-Pair Of Kings 3.pngFile:28b6f4dde7e4ff18afc8078ada47d05f.jpeg
File:293px-Bailey Pickett 3.jpgFile:293px-Cody Martin 3.jpgFile:293px-London Tipton 3.jpg
File:293px-Moseby.jpgFile:293px-Zack 3.jpgFile:295px-Woody.jpg
File:325px-Rollercoaster title card.jpgFile:40px-Song icon.pngFile:482743122-actor-hal-sparks-attends-the-kitty-bungalow-gettyimages.jpg
File:4976508615588566797.jpgFile:506px-Disney XD.pngFile:577x296xmighty-med-promo-sept-6-2013.jpg.pagespeed.ic.tnFZ9Ob4iA.jpg
File:58px-Ferb Fletcher.pngFile:601647 363658013696299 947827642 n.jpgFile:660px-1,662,0,360-Kick buttowski by chumchum4.png
File:660px-1,662,0,360-Kickgunther.PNGFile:660px-1,662,0,360-Slider1.pngFile:77px-Ferb Fletcher4.png
File:7d main characters.pngFile:81px-Ferb Fletcher6.pngFile:8b693323504a11f69568d8dc6856fc46bc726be9.jpg
File:96px-Ferb Fletcher5.pngFile:AMAZING NEW PLACES! (Keep Gravity Falls Alive 4)File:Agent P.png
File:All.jpgFile:All Phineas And Ferb ThemesFile:Animaniacs-nowtv3.png
File:Avengers Assemble.jpgFile:Avengers logo.gifFile:AwesomeOrange89 User Picture.jpeg
File:Big City Greens Main Title Comic-Con 2017 Disney XDFile:Big City Greens Main Title Comic-Con 2017 Disney XD-0File:Bileen2.jpg
File:Billy dilley promotional image.jpgFile:Black Widow 2.pngFile:Camp Lakebottom Title Screen.jpg
File:Ce7b6a89154431edec7b523b5f8206ff0621f642.jpgFile:Crash & Bernstein Logo.pngFile:Crash and Bernstein.jpg
File:Curtis Lee.jpgFile:DXP Logo.jpgFile:Danimals2012spotsprousethorne.jpg
File:Darkwing Duck.jpgFile:Darkwing Duck intro nederlands (Dutch) (2012) (HD)File:Disney-xd-future-worm.jpg
File:Disney-xp.pngFile:DisneyX X.pngFile:Disney Wiki Logo.png
File:Disney XD "Non-Stop Summer" Remix Music Video - Leo Howard, Olivia Holt, Billy Unger, Adam HicksFile:Disney XD 2011.pngFile:Disney XD Trivia
File:Disney XD logo-1-.pngFile:Disney country club promotional image.jpgFile:Disney•Hyperion's Itsy Bitsy Spider.png
File:Disnickfanatics User Picture.pngFile:Download (10).jpgFile:Download (11).jpg
File:Download (8).jpgFile:Download (9).jpgFile:Download (9)a.jpg
File:Duck-tales-2017-173056.jpgFile:DuckTales.jpgFile:DuckTales 2017 Poster.png
File:DuckTales 2017 banner.jpgFile:DuckTales Cast.jpgFile:Ducktales-reboot-Wiki-wordmark.png
File:Ducktales (2017) - Logo.pngFile:Edit-copy green.svgFile:EliteForceCastSeason1.jpg
File:Example.jpgFile:FA Star.pngFile:Favicon.ico
File:Feature.pngFile:Ferb Fletcher.jpegFile:Fish Hooks Theme Song
File:Forum new.gifFile:Future-Worm! Theme Song Official Disney XD UKFile:Game Board Disney XD.png
File:Gamer's Guide To Pretty Much Everything - IntroFile:Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything.jpgFile:Gravity Falls - Ds,Ds, and more Ds Gargantuan Analysis Video!!!
File:Gravity Falls A Colossal Take Back The Falls Analysis Video Part I TheNextBigThingFile:Gravity Falls Behind the Scenes ( +EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE )File:Gravity Falls Characters React to "A Tale of Two Stans"
File:Gravity Falls DELETED Scenes & Storylines (Pt. 2) - Never Before Seen!File:Gravity Falls DELETED Scenes & Storylines - Never Before Seen!File:Gravity Falls Deleted Scenes - Awesomeness!
File:Gravity Falls Dipper & Mabel vs. The Future Analysis Video TheNextBigThingFile:Gravity Falls Facts You Never Knew!File:Gravity Falls Finale Reaction & Discussion ( Weirdmageddon pt.3 )
File:Gravity Falls Gargantuan Finale Analysis Part II w HUGE Theory of BILL'S RETURN! TheNextBigThingFile:Gravity Falls Mega Weird Weirdmaggedon Analysis TheNextBigThingFile:Gravity Falls Northwest Mansion Codes & So Much More!!!
File:Gravity Falls Promo "Northwest Mansion Noir" - EXCLUSIVE CLIPFile:Gravity Falls SPECIAL EDITION JOURNAL 3 & More at NYCC!File:Gravity Falls THE REUNION.... Animation
File:Gravity Falls Tale of Two Stans Analysis Video (A MUST WATCH!!!)File:Gravity Falls Ultra LATE BUT Informative - The Last Mablecorn Analysis Video!!! TheNextBigThingFile:Gravity Falls Weirdmaggedon Part II Escape From Reality Analysis Video TheNextBigThing
File:Green copyright.svgFile:Grravity falls.jpgFile:Hulk and agents of smash.jpg
File:I'm Going to NYCC 2016 & the Gravity Falls Panel!File:ImagesCA3DL4EC.jpgFile:ImagesCAU9ES03.jpg
File:Images (120).jpgFile:Images (35).jpgFile:Images (38).jpg
File:Images (43).jpgFile:Images (44).jpgFile:Images (45).jpg
File:Images (47).jpgFile:Images (48).jpgFile:Images (49).jpg
File:Images (50).jpgFile:Images (51).jpgFile:Images (52).jpg
File:Improve Your Selfie - ALL EpisodesFile:Improve Your Selfie - Future Worm IDFile:Improve Your Selfie - Pickle And Peanut
File:Improve Your Selfie - Star Vs The Forces Of Evil IDFile:Improve Your Selfie - The 7D IDFile:Index.jpg
File:IronManOnSpiderMan.jpgFile:Jimmy Two-Shoes Titlecard (Second Season).pngFile:Jimmy two-shoes titlecard.png
File:Kick Buttowski.jpgFile:Kick Buttowski 2.jpgFile:Kick Buttowski 6.jpg
File:Kick Buttowski theme songFile:Kickin it Extended Theme SongFile:Kickin it Theme Song
File:Kid Vs. Kat - Episode 4aFile:Kid Vs Kat - Episode 1File:Kid vs. Kat - How The Test Was Won
File:Kid vs. Kat - Just Me and GlueFile:Kid vs. Kat - The Grass Is Always MeanerFile:Kid vs. Kat - You'll Be Show Sorry
File:Kid vs Kat Intro HDFile:Kids fall to earth.jpgFile:LK XD BGBIG 02.jpg
File:LK XD BGBIG 02.pngFile:LRMM.pngFile:LabRats EF Keyart tunein-702x1024.jpg
File:Lab Rats Cast.jpgFile:Lab Rats Logo.pngFile:Lab Rats Season 4 Theme Song
File:Logobonkers.jpgFile:Main Title Milo Murphy’s Law Disney XDFile:Max Steel.jpg
File:MightyMedSmall.pngFile:Mighty Med "New Kids Are the Docs" Sneak PeekFile:Mighty Med Poster.jpg
File:Milo murphy's law series ad.jpgFile:Motorcity-title.jpgFile:Motorcity-title.png
File:Motorcity logo.pngFile:My new sneezy icon.pngFile:Mzl.ehcmvmfd.1200x1200-75.jpg
File:Naruto Shippuden only on disney xd.JPGFile:No Screenshot.pngFile:No pranksgiving 2017.png
File:Not What he Seems LATE Analysis, Codes, & SO MUCH MORE! TheNextBigThingFile:Official atomic puppet poster.jpgFile:Olivia Holt 2, 2012.jpg
File:Oooooooooooomd.jpgFile:Perry and Isabella in the coaster.pngFile:Phineas and Ferb Logo.png
File:Phineas and ferb theme song with lyricsFile:Photo-I-m-In-The-Band-2009-8.jpgFile:Placeholder item.png
File:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.png
File:Preferred DXP Logo.pngFile:Princess Star Butterfly (1).pngFile:Princess Star Butterfly (2).png
File:Princess Star Butterfly (3).pngFile:RAWR!!.jpgFile:RC9GNlogo.jpg
File:Rebels concept art 1.jpgFile:Rebels concept art 2.jpgFile:Rescue Rangers NES.jpg
File:Rescue Rangers Title Card.jpgFile:Rick & Morty's Interesting Facts (ToonFacts 2)File:Rick & Morty - Evil Morty's Origins (TeleTheories 1)
File:Rick and Morty Season 3 Release Date & PredictionsFile:Right now kapow! poster.jpgFile:RollercoasterPF.jpg
File:Rollercoaster promotional image.pngFile:Rollercoaster title card.jpgFile:SWCustom-2011.png
File:Sample.jpgFile:Saturday Night Action Party September & October EpisodesFile:Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.05.47 AM.png
File:Sheriff of Nottingham.jpgFile:Showlogo walktheprank 9d9ae634.pngFile:Song icon.png
File:Spencer Boldman March 2015.jpgFile:Star-lord.jpgFile:Star Wars Rebels logo.png
File:Star vs. The Forces of Evil & Gravity Falls CONNECTED?!File:Stonehenge.jpgFile:SwRebels-announcement.jpg
File:TU Cast01.jpgFile:Tatertat User Picture.jpgFile:The 7D- Ozzy Osbourne (Promo)
File:The 7D - The Rock of Sages promoFile:The 7D And Disney Legacy - SDCC 2016File:The 7D Disney Legacy Comic-Con 2016 Disney XD
File:The 7D Extended Main Title Comic-Con 2016 Disney XDFile:The 7D Logo.pngFile:The 7d main cast.JPG
File:The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes logo.svg.pngFile:The Secrets of Gravity Falls - - DEBUNKING The Stan's Twin TheoryFile:The Secrets of Gravity Falls - - Grunkle Stan's Peculiar Memories
File:The Secrets of Gravity Falls - - Hidden Messages, Codes, & More!File:The Secrets of Gravity Falls - - Loose End Characters & Speculation!File:The Secrets of Gravity Falls - - Season 2 Cryptograms!
File:The Secrets of Gravity Falls - - Slender Man & Secrets from Gravity Falls Shorts!File:The Secrets of Gravity Falls - - The Pines Family Tree + Is GF Almost Over?File:The Secrets of Gravity Falls - - The Society of the Blind Eye ( Episode Analysis )
File:The Secrets of Gravity Falls - - Weirdmageddon Pt.1 Review!File:The Secrets of Gravity Falls - - Weirdmageddon Pt.2 Review!File:The Secrets of Gravity Falls - - Who REALLY wrote the journals?
File:The Suite Life of Zack and Cody title card.jpgFile:The Theme Song Wander Over Yonder Disney XDFile:Thesuitelifeondecklogo.jpg
File:Thumb 3d221a22-6017-4b6e-9caf-b4a9da6064f6.pngFile:TitleTemplate.pngFile:Top 10 Facts - Gravity Falls
File:Top 10 Facts - Rick and MortyFile:Top 15 Rick and Morty TheoriesFile:Trailer Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med
File:Tron Uprising Soundtrack.jpgFile:Tron Uprising title card.pngFile:Tumblr lqjzsgzgH81r2pql1o1 500.jpg
File:Tumblr mh9jqppPvV1qa2m5oo1 500.jpgFile:Ultimate Spider-Man (TV series) logo.svg.pngFile:Wiki-background
File:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Wiki.pngFile:Wiki wide.png
File:Williamatcivilwar.jpgFile:Zeke & Luther - logo.pngFile:Zeke And Luther Theme So (HD)
File:Zeke and Luther Cast Photo Season 2.jpgFile:Безымянныйаа.png

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