Characters in the Disney XD series Phineas and Ferb.

Main CharactersEdit

The following characters have appeared in every episode of the series to this point. (The exception being Isabella and the Temple of Sap in which Major Monogram and Heinz Doofenshmirtz were replaced by Admiral Acronym and Professor Poofenplotz respectively.)

Picture Name Description
Phineas Flynn One of the show's titular characters, alongside his step-brother strives to make every day of summer excellent. In some episodes, he had shown to have a crush on Isabella, but that has not yet been confirmed on the show.
Ferb Fletcher The other titular character. He speaks very little, but is a master of engineering. Alongside his step-brother, he strives to make every day of summer vacation an adventure. Has a very large crush on Vanessa.
Candace Flynn Older sister of the titular characters, her main role in the series consists of busting her brothers, though on several occasions she has instead focused on being a normal teenager or even helping her brothers in their Big Ideas. She is madly in love with Jeremy who recently became her boyfriend.
Perry the Platypus Pet of the titular characters, he is a secret agent under the guise of a mindless animal that foils the schemes of Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Also known as Agent P.
Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz Nemesis of Perry the Platypus, he often has plans to take over the Tri-State Area.
Major Monogram Agent P's boss at The Agency.

Other Major CharactersEdit

The following characters have appeared in several episodes often playing large parts, though sometimes appearing only as cameos.

Picture Name Description
Lawrence Fletcher Father of the titular characters, has occasionally been informed of most of the boys activities or taken direct part in them but doesn't seem to mind much.
Linda Flynn Mother of the titular characters, is unaware of the boys' activities (although she finds out on some occasions, she is fine with it in those situations), despite Candace's attempts to reveal them since Linda always arrives too late.
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro Phineas and Ferb's close friend and neighbor, member and leader of the Fireside Girls; also has a crush on Phineas and has joined the boys in their plans more than any other.
Fireside Girls, Troop 46231 The rest of Isabella's troop, they often help her and the boys in their daily plans. Names are (from left to right): Katie, Adyson, Holly, Gretchen, Ginger, and Milly.
Baljeet Rai Phineas and Ferb's Indian friend who helps the boys with many of their plans, enjoys math, is obsessed with good grades, and often loses his underwear.
Buford Von Stomm Phineas and Ferb's tormentor/friend and neighborhood bully, has joined them in several plans. He is often the reason why Baljeet is missing his underwear.
Jeremy Johnson Candace's crush/boyfriend, works at Mr. Slushy Dawg and Mr. Slushy Burger, appears to have feelings for Candace just as she does for him.
Stacy Hirano Candace's best friend, often talks on the phone to her about her brothers or Jeremy.
Carl Karl Intern at the Agency that Agent P works at, good at disguises.
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz Heinz's daughter, like Candace, often tries to "bust" her father.
Charlene Doofenshmirtz Heinz's ex-wife, and mother of Vanessa, her relationship with her ex-husband appears to be on good terms as evidenced by the fact that she kept the last name of Doofenshmirtz after the divorce.
Clyde Flynn The titular characters' maternal grandfather, wisecracking jovial man who enjoys singing.
Betty-Jo Flynn The titular characters' maternal grandmother, once a roller-derby champion, now lives out in the middle of nowhere with her husband.
Reginald Fletcher The titular characters' paternal grandfather, once the famous "Flying Fishmonger", lives in England with his wife, often speaks in British slang, forcing Ferb to translate for his stepbrother.
Winifred Fletcher The titular characters' paternal grandmother, lives in London with her husband.

Recurring CharactersEdit

Recurring characters have appeared in more than one episode, but not in enough to qualify as one of the other major characters.

Picture Name Description
Vivian Garcia-Shapiro Isabella's mother. She is good friends with Linda Flynn.
Django Brown A friend of the boys, son of noted artist Beppo Brown, doesn't help in as many plans as the other friends.
Irving Phineas and Ferb's extreme fan who carries around a scrapbook with photos of their exploits, plus locks of their hair. He joined the group in a game of hide and seek.
Jenny Candace's friend, talks to Candace on the phone sometimes. Dreams of world peace.
Suzy Johnson Jeremy's little sister, quite intimidating. Only shows evil side to some people; claims to be Jeremy's 'favorite girl'.
Norm A robot built by Doofenshmirtz originally built to eliminate Perry the Platypus. Now he assists Doofenshmirtz when he needs help building things.
Roger Doofenshmirtz Heinz's law-abiding brother who was elected mayor and is greatly despised by the evil scientist.
Coltrane A friend of Jeremy's, and the guitarist in his band. He's an instructor at Baljeet's Summer Rocks camp and took a liking to Stacy.
Danny Lead singer and guitarist for Love Händel, works at Danny's Music Shop.
Swampy Drummer for Love Händel, also known as Sherman, works at the Public Library.
Bobbi Fabulous Bass player from Love Händel, owns a hair salon where Linda gets her hair done.
Marty the Rabbit Boy Marty the Rabbit Boy auditioned for The Next Super American Pop Teen Idol Star (which he won) at the Googolplex Mall. He performed on stage with his musical blender.
Wanda She is presumably one of the leaders of the agency. She is the head of the division Pinky is in.
Pinky the Chihuahua Pinky is Isabella Garcia-Shapiro's pet chihuahua, he, like Perry the Platypus, is a secret agent (specifically in Wanda's Division).
Albert Albert is Irving's brother
Peter the Panda Peter the Panda is a secret agent from Seattle that became an enemy of Dr. Doofenshmirtz in "It's About Time!" after they met at a convention in Seattle.
Bob Webber Bob Webber, or Captain Webber as he likes to be called, is the main Lifeguard at Lake Nose.
Mindy A girl who flirts with Jeremy Johnson.
Mrs. Johnson She is the mother of Jeremy Johnson.

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