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Ginger books Zeke and Luther to preform a skateboarding stunt, by skating off a ramp and jumping over four king-size mattresses (approx. 30 feet). But fooling around in their hotel room causes them to nearly miss the event.

Episode Summary Edit

The series starts off with Zeke, Luther, and Kojo having a "Trick-off" as Zeke and Luther's #1 fan Kenny (Jake Short), watches to see who will win the "Trick-off", when suddenly, Zeke and Luther get interrupted by a "Mysterious" man, as he says, "Hey...skateboarders, C'mover here, yeah you, C'mover here!" Then Zeke and Luther run away in fear.

When Zeke and Luther's rival skater Kojo tells the man where Zeke and Luther live. Later, back at the Falcone's house, just before they go inside...Luther stops to get some lemonade at Ginger's lemonade stand, when suddenly,

the "mysterious" man comes to the Falcone's house in his car, Ginger asks "One of your obnoxious friends?" Zeke then says to Luther "Luth, it isn't over..."

Then Zeke grabs Luther and the two run into Zeke's room to hide in the closet. When Ginger opens the closet door to reveal where they're hiding.

The man finds the boys. Zeke says they're sorry, (not knowing what they've done) when the man says "You boys obviously don't know who I am, do ya?" then the mysterious man reveals himself to be "Discount Dave", where he says he wasn't mad at them, in fact, he said he was opening a new store, and would like them to "Put on a show", but he says that there would be money involved though.

The boys end up with $13, Discount Dave laughs, and says they're not gonna pay him, He is gonna pay them, and asks "how does $20 each sound?" they take the offer and do they're hand shake "slow butter", involving them slapping each other on the cheeks.

However, Ginger says that they refuse and pushes Dave out the door. Zeke asks Ginger what she was doing, and she replies with "You guys obviously don't know anything about negotiating." she says that she could help the boys to get more money then they ever imagined.

But, Zeke wonders why she wants to help them, she replies with "As your 'manager' naturally I would take a small...FEE." the boys decide to "huddle up", and a quick montage is shown of Zeke and Luther thinking about it. Later, Zeke asks "Hey Ginger, what were we discussing, again?" "Me being your manager." Ginger replies. The boys simply agree.

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